Wake Up Your Dreambody! An Audio Book.

Item number: 0005

The dreaming process is a fluid process where things materialize at will (either your subconscious will or the global subconscious will). In understanding this, it becomes your responsibility to make the most of what is happening in your dreams, in order to create what you would really want. Saying no to things in your dreams, or saying yes is important, and in so doing, you are creating new symbols and energy with which to confront in your next day. Sit on things, or stay centered, bump into things, or find a new place to go, all become a process where you are waking up and moving the dream body for a more fulfilling existence. Get busy, and learn what you need to learn, because this is the essence of life itself, Dreaming! The important part of the dreaming process is that you experiment with what you really want to be experiencing, whether it is in your daily life, or your sleeping time dreams. Make it yours, because you are a unique being with choices of your own. The field of reference in dreams is wide, so don't get lost. Stay centered on what you know you need to accomplish, then notice each waking day of your life, how you are doing.

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